Our Mission & Responsibilities

A museum for citizens and visitors of Grünberg

The culture, city and regional history is near and dear to our hearts, which is why we try, as far as it is possible for us, to further the exploration and study of our native area. The research results should be made available to a wide audience by publications. The quality of these publications speaks for itself and we hope that this will be an incentive for interested fellow citizens, but also historians and other scientists, to contribute their time and knowledge.

It is important to us to generate understanding and interest in the history and culture of our region and actively help in the maintenance and preservation of historical relics. Consulation, promotion and support of exhibitions, education and publicity are probably the most basic fields of activity of our association, as proven by many past events.

We hope to add you and many more new friends to our cause during the next years and together work actively on reaching our goals.

What we do is...

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