Hospitals and Cloisters in Grünberg & St. Antoninus

Statue Heiliger Antonius

There were several cloisters/monasteries in Grünberg. One of the most significant Antonine monasteries was located here.

The introduction of the Reformation brought the end for the cloisters, monasteries and old hospitals in Grünberger.

Among them the
  • Antonine hospital at the Antonine monastery in "Rosengasse" (Rose Lane)
  • Peters hospital outside the city wall at today's "Eisteich" (Ice Pond)
  • Nicolai hospital in "im Steinweg"
  • Elisabeth hospital at "Eisernen Hand" (todays Industrial Area/Zone), which was used as an infirmary until 1816

To tend to the remaining residents, a new hospital, near St. Paul's Church in the "Neustadt" (new part of town) was founded in 1535 in the former Augustine cloister, as a bourgeois institution.

For more than 400 years the hospital was responsible for the social interests of the town closing in 1952.

Until the 1960s it housed "simple apartments" were there. Then the town archive was located there, later the medieval building stood empty.

After fundamental renovations the "Museum im Spital" was opened in 2007.

What other cloisters/monasteries existed within the city of Grünberg?
What was the Antonius Order all about? ?
Who was Antonius of Florence?

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