Volenteer Work for the Museum

Part of the FMG-Volenteers Even during the re-constuction of the museum and the foundation of the Freundeskreis Museum Grünberg (FMG) e.V., it was understood by the leadership that continuous operation of the museum could not, for economic reasons, be ensured through city efforts alone. Soon it became clear that, as with other public non-profit-organizations, aside from a full-time museum director with broad clerical support by the city administration, an active volunteer participation by citizens must also be added. Such an element is, in difference to Western Europe, the foundation of all of museology in the USA.

Walter Correll Karin Bautz Long before the museum opening, but soon after the founding of the FMG, on recommendation of the then designated museums director Mrs. Karin Bautz M.A., city council member Hans-Karl Angermann for the magistrate and FMG board of directors committee member Walter Corell took part in a special education offered by the Hessische Museumsverband "Volenteering" workshop. Afterwards, under leadership of Mrs. Karin Bautz, the FMG started early publicity campaigns within its membership, as well as in the general public, to adapt what was learned to local conditions.

The focus of these efforts was initially to find and recruit help for the reception, attendant, and cash register services during the museum's opening hours, as well as for the museum shop, which was implemented in sole sponsorship of the FMG. The city was happy to accept the offered citizens' volenteer work.

Frau Helga Reuhl Currently, we have a circle of about 40 to 50 volenteers, mostly older people and most of them are FMG members. This circle of volenteers (organized for many years now by Mrs. Helga Reuhl) provides about 1200 hours of service per year.

Additional volunteer assistance, which is generally covered under the city's insurance plan, is provided for the setup and dismantling of temporary exhibitions and related opening events, guided tours for visitors and guest services, the preparation and implementation of lectures, and last but not least in the shipment and distribution of invitations, advertising materials, posters, etc., i.e. services for which the city administration lacks capacity.

Every quarter, volenteers meet in so-called "helper meetings" to account for work performed, to compile suggestions, improvements and to discuss upcoming events.

Please contact us to see how and in which ways you can help in working groups, membership drives, historical research, support for exhibitions, presentations, readings and sponsoring.

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